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What to do with fall due blueprints* at an architect’s office? Cut them up and use the back as sketch paper? Use it to wrap presents? But of course! And what could you do with them, when you give little diner parties?

When covered they become instant conversations pieces. See how some pull their pencils to clarify their latest projects in the living room. Notice the vide disappearing into instant poetry. Conclude that a chop stick is good alternative for a steal beam. Discover the stability of your drinking glass on a section of the mowing field. See how nicely spilled zuppa wrinkles three floors and two walls at the same time. Watch subtitle wine stains make a nice wall jewelry and than slowely transform into a Rorsach. Hear a fully loaded saucer land softly onto the roof. Watch a piece of green food escaping your plate and find yourself wondering: does that vegetable need a chair?

At the end of the diner, from some of the cloths, pieces were torn off, yes romantics: phone numbers were exchanged. That, or the paper was eaten.

Factory paper, 80 grams, A1 (841×594 mm)

Monochrome laser print

No cover charge

*) A blueprint is a technical drawing of a building. It shows in plans, sections and facades how it could be made.

Re:Food impression: www.culiblog.org/2007/07/superused-food-2012-architects-host-a-freegan-dinner/

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