12000 windscreens blown away



Each year the pilkington glass factory pays by the kilo for discarding about 12000 perfectly new wind screens; car windows.

Cars last about 15 years, after 15 years most of them are on the scrapyard, the ones still driving are repaired with second-hand parts.

So all stored spare parts older then 15 years are considered ‘dead stock’.

Interesting about the material is that you can get big quantities of exactly the same object, they are clean and ready to use!

Front windows are made of layered glass and can hence be used as safety glass. If hit on the side they break easily, but they do not fall apart.

Back and side windows are made out of hardened glass, they do not break easily, but if hit hard by a pointy object they get scattered to pieces.

The black edge is a ceramic non transparent layer to protect the glue against UV-light.

Because the company has to pay to get rid of the glass, they are very willing to help you if you need a lot, you might get them at your project for transport costs, or a bit more. This comes down to about 10 euros each.

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And where to get them in Europe



this entry was made possibe thanks to a contribution by the netherlands foundation for visula arts, design, and architecture

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