30.000 pizzas

Torino (IT)



Everyday, restaurants and pizzerias of Turin use approximately 14,900 tomato cans, resulting in 5 millions cans per year. A can is generally made up of 250 grams of steel tin plate. This corresponds annually to a ton of steel which is almost completely thrown in the rubbish bins, with no chance of recovering and recycling.

30,000 Pizzas is an art installation built by Farwaste and composed of 1,100 reclaimed cans. The art piece is made to reflect upon the size of our waste footprint and to encourage them to recycle.

Materials: 1100 steel cans, rebars (27 m) , 3000 plastic cable ties

Dimensions: 4,20 x 4,20 x 2,50 m

Building time: 3 weeks

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