45 iPod Cases



“Digital meets analog” is the tag-line for 45 iPod Cases. The number 45, comes from the 45rpm of records and it carries through to their posters, URL, available quantity and prices. The makers have developed two cases either for the iPod Classic or the 4th generation iPod Nano. For the first a 7 inch record was used, because the gap matches the click wheel of the iPod classic. The latter is made from a cassette tape.

The cases are launched in 2007 but there are still some cassette cases available. One could even make it oneself. Be sure to digitize the music, to be played upon the Apple MP3 player, before remolding it into a slip case.

Contexture Design: Trevor Coghill, Nathan Lee

45 iPod Cases (2007)

Superused: Cassette and 7″ Vinyl record (45 rpm)

Vancouver, BC, Canada


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