75% – 25% chair



“We made a chair that should function as a small stool with low and twisted back. The chair is supposed to be used as for casual sitting at coffee shops. It is a blend of wood / most represented natural material in production, which is decreasing / and recycled plastic / the most represented artificial material with increasing waste /”

!!! “On one hand we have the ecological demand not to use plastic in the production, but to use wood, and on the other, we have to make sure that the wood consumption makes as little damage as possible to the forest. The two demands are in conflict… Both are justifiable, but there must be some balance …” – Woods management. Projected wood terrain of Serbia is 42 percent, while today it is less than 30 percent.

designer : od-do architects, www.od-do.com

project : Redesign your mind , www.redesignyourmind.org

concept : od-do architects, www.od-do.com

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