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Mass Tram America, Inc. established in 2006, is a privately-held corporation located in Milwaukie, Oregon. The President, Ben Missler, has been working on the concept and details of the Mass Tram since 1983. Just recently Mr. Missler started putting together his team of engineers, writers, designers and office personnel.

The Mass Tram America project is a vision for the future: of our public transportation, freight transportation, emergency response systems, and America ’s ability to adapt to changing times. This elevated network of state-of-the-art technologies, materials, and procedures come together to create the very first system of its kind. Transportation of this magnitude has never fully operated on renewable resources; the Mass Tram does. Transportation has never simultaneously answered the problems presented by the rising cost of fuel, congested roadways, large amounts of land occupancy, and damage from natural disasters; the Mass Tram does.

All technologies used to create the Mass Tram, although groundbreaking, are not new. These technologies are all being used today, and tested further to improve resources for a sustainable future. Wind power has been fostered for years; solar power technology is continuing to grow and has been utilized for many years to provide electricity to millions. Fuel cells, another technology employed by the Mass Tram system, have been used for 35 years in space exploration. Motors using regenerative breaking are currently being manufactured in the United States and these companies are seeing large orders from overseas. In order to save our transportation systems, our economy, our position in world technologies, our environment, and our future; the United States must employ something both practical and groundbreaking.

A project of this magnitude will create an abundance of well-paying American jobs. Just as the highway bill enacted by President Eisenhower in 1956 gave a jump start to the United States ‘ economy, the Mass Tram project will stimulate today’s economy. Our nation will be positively affected by reducing purchase of foreign oil, a dramatic rise in high-paying jobs, and the lower cost of personal and freight transportation. This reduction in transportation costs will positively affect everything from groceries to the cost of building materials.

Mass Tram America, Inc. proposes a plan for public and freight transportation that offers solutions to our nation’s largest transportation dilemmas. Soon fossil fuels will not only be scarce, but a thing of the past. The reaction to a crisis such as this has begun, but must be examined on a much larger scale in order to truly make a difference. The paradigm shift from oil consumption to the use of renewable energy must begin now.

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