aluminum printsheet



Even though digital printing is taking over, the industry produces large streams of aluminum sheets. They are left over from so called offset printing process and usually thrown away. Common sizes vary from A3 up to A2+ which is something like 500 by 700 mm. Thickness is around 0,25mm for bigger sheets.

Generally one side is matt whitish with the mirrored text and images of the print. The other side is mirror-like polished aluminum with an occasional digital printed figure repeated over the sheet. The sheets have punch holes at fixed places.

The material can be cut with a sharp knife, scissors, and bend easily. It makes a great material for models or for cladding.

check how 2012 used them as a skin for furniture in Roppa clothing:

In Rotterdam two printing offices sell sheets for a small fee:

Repro Replica, Sydneystraat 132-134, 3047 BP, Rotterdam, 010-4364870

Dortland en van Beem, Graafstroomstraat 23a, 3044 AN, Rotterdam, 010-4620222

this entry was made possibe thanks to a contribution by the netherlands foundation for visual arts, design, and architecture

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