APAP OpenSchool

Anyang (KR)



Eight shipping containers are shifted and cut along a 45 degree angle and combined in a fishbone pattern generating a large arrow-like volume lifted three meters over the landscape. Two containers are angled upward and downward to reach ground and sky. Positioned along the river edge to activate the recreational space of the riverfront and to allow its users to be visitors, spectators and actors during the course of the public art program of APAP2010, OpenSchool is a shipping container structure hovering over Hakwoon park pedestrian walkway at the city level right at the drop to the river bank, marking the territory as a focal place of gathering, resting and viewing. The strong graphic treatment of the new structure of the APAP2010 OpenSchool, with its bright yellow and black structure, lettering and deck, makes it a landmark within the urban fabric of Anyang.

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