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In Te Atatu, Auckland, New Zealand, someone booted his Apple Power Mac G4 into a mailbox. So, now when this person wants to check his mail, he also gets a sip of fresh air. When he does that for over 40 times per hour, (as some do with their email,) he burns a huge amount of calories. And generally, exercise is also good for reducing stress levels. When the mail is to big, the deliverant could just knock on the recipients door. A chat, from one person to another, eyeball to eyeball, becomes than possible. You don’t need to print your mail either.

It’s also incapable of getting infected, however it can deteriorate because of the weather. It’s also still vulnerable for vandalism. For instance SPAM, which can stuff the mailbox so that it’s incapabele of receving. But than again, perhaps the deliverant could knock again and now to see if the recipient is still alive. One big minor hasn’t been solved in the process, because it’s still such a beautiful thing, some people perhaps, can’t keep their jealousy under control.

Source: (picture made by Dan Dixon)

Reference: Boosting stress levels by checking your email 40 times per hour:

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