Automan 500 subwoofer



When it comes to home audio systems, a bumpin’ subwoofer is a key part of the listening experience. Most subwoofers though are not the most pretty things to see, here the Automan 500 comes into place. An eco-subwoofer made entirely from a recycled tires. The chic concealed subwoofer is one of 18 finalists in this year’s Greener Gadgets Competition.

The Automan 500 is a speaker cabinet made from 100% recycled tire parts. Each cushion is constructed from locally sourced materials, and is hand crafted by local artists. The components used to manufacture the subwoofer include a locally sourced tractor or stock car tire, recycled buckles, and renewable wheat straw fiber board. It even uses a bicycle tube to hold things together.

The Automan 500 was created by Carolyn Butts and Hans Honegger from Bon Eco Design. Their inspiration for the design was triggered by a massive tire fire in Canada in 1989. All in all, it’s a very worthy use of discarded materials.

Also on Superuse is a other speaker made from superused materials, it’s available in the Cilly-system range:

Bon Eco Design (Carolyn Butts and Hans Honegger)

Automan 500

Superused: tractor or stock car tire, recycled buckles, bicycle tube


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