BAR Arest by 2012architecten



Instead of a expostion about himself in the NAi, Wiel Arets decided to create the Happening. This series of events take place in the main hall of the NAi, the Dutch Architecture Institute. Here his team designed a pavillion titled Comfortably Strange and was created from black MDF.

The BAR Arest, by 2012 architecten, is made of pieces of building trash from the mdf pavilion of Wiel Arets. It is build at the same time. The main lines of the plan are based on his pavilion, sightlines and practial use.

Extra demand for the builders was that they were allowed to make just one extra saw cut, so creating consitancy in the design and a contraform reference to the Arets pavilion. The bar and pavilion can be seen until May 4th 2008 in the main hall.

BAR Arest (2008)

Superused: Black MDF

Designteam: Césare Peeren, John Bosma, (2012architecten) & Jasper van der Made (DHZ23).

On-Site design: Jasper van der Made, Pieter Scheer, Pieter de Jonge.

Picture made by Karola van Rooyen, 2012architecten:

NAi happening:


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