Barrel furniture



Unique and elegant pieces of forniture from old barrels.

LE SEDIE DEL TORCHIO is a project by the architect Marco

Torchio from Piemonte, who recovers the barrique from wine

producers and realizes elegant pieces of furniture like

chairs, stools, armchairs, tables and coffee tables with

the staves of the barrels, otherwise destined to be

destroyed. Each piece, assembled by hand according

to ergonomics principles, is unique and characterized

by original and essential lines.

LE SEDIE DEL TORCHIO are based on the idea of

recovery, considered as both the respect of the history

of an object and the will to give it a new life after the

loss of its original function. Because of this, and in

order to guarantee its true sustainability, each piece

keeps the original etiquette of the wine contained in

the barrique.

Traditions preservation, environmental communication

and unique design are the three points of reference of

the project.

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