Artwork made from broken Skateboards



Still Pushing Despite The Odds, is Japanese artist Haroshi third solo exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Here he showed new pieces of work made from broke skateboard decks.

Haroshi is skatboarder and a self thaugt artist. He glues his and broken decks from other people together and than sculpts out his artwork. His basic material, Skateboards, is made from ‘sevenply maple’ and a coloured layer of plastic which gives his artwork its colourfull effect.

According to the press release, “In Still Pushing Despite the Odds, Haroshi incorporated articles of low-technology from the early to mid-1900s. Vintage items such as neon signs, dental tools and roller skates create a striking textural contrast when paired with the smooth silhouette of the skate decks and illustrate the artist’s passion for innovation.”

-Images courtesy Jonathan LeVine Gallery.
-Source: The Creators Project

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