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In The Hague (NL) artist initiative 1646 recently re-opend their renewed door. After at least a decade of insecure use of an old shop in the centre of the city, the city council decided to support this cultural initiative and to refurbish the (neglected) building.

The old house is being restored/renewed, and in the place of the sheds in the backyard there is made a new spacious extension. The groundfloor is used for exhibitions, which can be seen in a new facade. The artists in the organisation can use apart from this gallery space four workshops and offer one guest room for an international artist.

The architects tried to make the building like a sketch-book; as big and spacious as possible, and basic, free to many uses. Building costs of course had to be low, so the extension is a light-weight construction; in the concrete floor are integrated foundation as well as the heating system. The construction of the walls and roof are made of wood. For cladding recycled wood is used; the inner parts of (68) cable reels. This soft wood has been made durable by a thermal process with temperatures not higher than 190°C. The wood turns beautifully dark (baked) brown after this process, after which you can cut and screw it wherever you want because it is durable throughout. It starts to turn naturally grey in some weeks.

The artists were involved intensely during the process of designing as well as the building (they were the ones who dismantled the cable 68 reels).

The project plays a role in the cultural upgrade of the street.

Check to learn about the durability of Platowood (over Plato: ‘het proces’ or ‘de eigenschappen’: then choose English)


Mixd architecture | Andries Micke |

In Situ architects | Iris de Kievith |


OCW Panden BV, Gemeente Den Haag




Boekhorststraat 125, Den Haag

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