Josh Owen from the United States designed a chandelier made of his pile of CD jewel cases. The discs seem to loose their function since MP3 players can host up 160 GB (iPod-classic) of data, an estimated 40.000 tracks. Josh’s about when he saw the light:

‘The CD Lamp began as an exercise in repositioning an industrial artifact that is beginning to outlive its intended functionality. As it is with technology and our increasing comfort levels with digital information, our storage vehicles are evolving. Our data lives in computers, hard drives, increasingly more consumer products, now jewelry and soon we’ll carry it casually under our skin. As such, the very idea of the CD has become less important, less valuable and more temporary.

People feel much more nonchalant about the way they interact with CDs and the need for a “protective” case has subsided in many circles. I’ve watched this trend develop and one day as I was staring at the pile of CD cases I was about to send to the landfill, I realized that there could be great beauty in the unpredictable reuse of these items…and due to their specific transparent and opaque parts could provide an interesting opportunity in lighting.’

And what about the CD? Besides using them as coaster, reuse in other ways is also possible, like a sunscreen: or even a chair:

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