Citroën 2CV Cupboard



Dutch car company Burton makes light sporty cars on the base of old Citroën 2CV. To make the new car, Burton needs the chassis, engine, steering and the (famous) suspension. The coachwork and interior are obsolete and can serve other purposes such as spare parts for other 2CV’s.

To promote their products Burton attends Carshows such as the Autorai in Amsterdam. In 2005 and 2007 they used a cupboard made from the back doors from the Citroën 2CV Camionette model, the low budget transporter made on the base of a regular 2CV.

The cupboard is still owned by Burton and now stands in their shop.

Burton Car Company,

Cupboard (2005)

Superused: back doors from a Citroën 2CV Camionette/Transporter/Besteleend

Zutphen, The Netherlands

Picture made by the author.

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