Coffee Cyclifier

Rotterdam (NL)


Superuse Studios / Refunc

a small scale installation developed and designed by Superuse Studios in collaboration with Refunc to demonstrate the process of coffee ground recycling for growing mushrooms, applied by GRO.
It consists of 7 stations that are made of IBC tanks with each station dedicated to a specific part of the process – from drinking coffee, coffee ground collection, growing mushrooms, cooking and consuming mushrooms to finally using the residue as soil conditioner. On a side track you see how residue heat can be used to heat up a piece of furniture.
Coffee Cyclifier is used as a presentation model for exhibitions and events to demonstrate the potential of connecting one waste stream (coffee ground) with another process (growing mushrooms).
The project has been made possible through financial support of DOEN foundation and has been exhibited at the Flemish ministry of environment in Brussels, 30Kuub in Rotterdam and the Superuse Studios.
Project team: Jan Jongert, Nabi Masutomi

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