Coffee Powered Car

Rotterdam (NL)



A couple of years ago I wrote a story about the discovery of coffee-diesel here on Superuse*. Teesdale Conservation Volunteers from Great Britain have an other system to reuse coffee grounds (koffiedik) for fuel: they gas it. With this process any organic residue can be gassed in order to create fuel.

The Volunteers focused on coffee in order to make the worlds fastest car to run on the black stuff. And on trash. They used a Rover SD1 2300 with the straight 6, stripped the car and put in the gasifier (which gave the car a bit Back-To-The-Future look). The whole process to start the car is rather complicated and takes a while.

And did the Team succeeded? Yes, with the modified Rover they set the Landspeed record for coffee fuel at an asthonising 66,5mph (107km/u)! I’m very curious what escapes from the exhaust, though, and how it smells.

Small documentary video about the process and the attempt

Teesdale Conservation Volunteers

Coffee Powered Car (2011)

Superused: coffee grounds (and a Rover SD1 2300 Straight-6)

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