Curbstone Bridge

Mildam (NL)



Last summer after a huge storm a wooden bridge in the Eco-Cathedral in Mildam was destroyed. A large tree fell on it. Stichting Tijd asked me to rebuild the bridge.

The ecocathedral in Mildam was conceived by Louis le Roy. He started already in the seventies. He bought a piece of land and dumped debris from the old prison of Heerenveen on it. He waited a while and saw how it got overgrown and saw the embedded quality.

With the municipality of Heerenveen he agreed that they could dump old pavements on this lot. He and later a bunch of helpers created stone structures on it, as such creating a transition area between the urban and the rural. Louis le Roy build with great precision, I’ve tried to do the same. To honor the man, that just died, one week earlier.

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