diapers as roof garden



nappies contain SAP, or Super Absorbing Polymers. Their technical name is Sodium Polyacrylate, a light plastic material that has the ability to absorb about 30 times its own weight in fluid, a valuable property for moisture

absorption control. One diaper can contain as much as half a litre of urine. Throwaway diapers are somewhat

notorious among environmentalists

for Super Absorbing Polymers are not biodegradable. They often end up on landfills. Alternatives are being developed

and companies like Knowaste are now successfully recycling them. In this case, however, it is bio-upgradeability that counts. In used diapers

the polymers contain urine that is an excellent nitrogen source for young plants and roofs could be covered with nutritious soil for plants to grow on, but that shouldn’t be too heavy. (text by Ed van Hinte)

this entry was made possibe thanks to a contribution by the netherlands foundation for visual arts, design, and architecture

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