dining on the roof



This extension out of discarded doors gave access to the roof while forming a billboard to the street. For the organization optrek, 2012 architects made this extension in 2003. Optrek organizes art projects in areas that are due to be demolished. While having their office in the middle of it they ask an artist or architect to make some public transformation of the office location.

2012 architects decided to make a 70 cm wide cut in the intersection of the facade and the roof. This cut revealed the underlying building structure that would soon be demolished to the public. By covering the cut with 8 back doors of the neighboring houses a roof window, billboard, access to the roof and, unexpectedly, a dining table were formed.

After Optrek had to move to the next site, this object was reused as an object for showing pictures and multimedia presentations in two different expositions up to now.

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