Ecocathedrals by Louis Le Roy and others

Mildam (NL)



An ecocathedral is a place where culture and nature meet and work together. The builder of the first ecocathedral in Mildam (The Netherlands, near Heerenveen) is Prof. hc. Louis G. Le Roy who lives in Oranjewoud, and it is made by tiles and bricks that are no longer of use in the economic system. The ecocathedral in Mildam started in 1967(!), is still an will always be in progress, and attracts all kinds of people from all over the world. More ecocathedral processes have been started in Europe. The building of 1 ecocathedral takes several generations.

Le Roy says that we don’t know anything, and we can only learn from nature by working together with nature. Inspiration came from the Belgian Prof. Illya Prigogine, who wrote the book “Order out of Chaos” in the 80’s.

In 2001 Le Roy founded the Stichting Tijd (Time Foundation) who will further explore the vision of Le Roy for the coming centuries. See also

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