Ecopark DeLimes, Alphen aan den Rijn

Alphen aan den Rijn (NL)


Vollmer & Partners

At the new recycle center in Alphen aan den Rijn the reuse of materials is pushed to extremes. Inspired by the Cradle2Cradle principle, the buildings (ag nova architecten) and their surroundings (Vollmer & Partners) are made out of used materials. Ecopark DeLimes is a place where you can learn, work, recycle, re-use and recreate. In time the center will appear remarkably green. Fruit trees on the site illustrate the cycle of life quite literally. Let’s hope this inspiring place will set the trend in the Netherlands.

landscape design: Vollmer & partners, architecture: agnova architecten, builder: Nieuwenhuizen Daandels bouw en Den Ouden Groep, intallations: w-e adviseurs

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