The End Of Oil



From now until February 28th 2010 at Huis Marseille in Amsterdam, there is an exhibition from well-known Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky (1955). For more than ten years now, he has been travelling all over the world in order to document the extraction, processing, distribution and use of oil.

The photographs show how essential oil has become as a raw material in today’s world. Just how vulnerable this world has moreover become is made painfully clear in these photographs as well: increasing pollution, declining reserves and rising costs. With the exhibition Oil Burtynsky wishes to prompt discussion.

An earlier post on Superuse about the movie Manufactured Landscapes, features this and other work by Edward Burtynsky

Edward Burtynsky (1955)

The End Of Oil

Huis Marseille

Keizersgracht 401, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Picture: Scrap Auto Engines #11, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 1997

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