Fedde Skurer

Capelle aan den IJssel (NL)



This year it has been 60 years ago when there was the famous Kneppelfreed-riot in Leeuwarden, Friesland. It was a battle between the police and Friesians who claimed their right to speak Frisian in courts and other public administrations.

It was a process which was going on for quite a while but got its climax when Fedde Schurer wrote a strong article as head editor in newspaper the Heerenveense Koerier (1951). The editorial was about law man mr. Wolther who was against the use of the Frisian language in court.

Schurer was than sued an had to stand trial. On the outside of the court people gathered to support Schurer and it than became a clash with the police who used clubs (kneppel). In 1956 the use of the Frisian language was justified in law.

Fedde Schurer (1898) died in 1968 and was besides newspaper editor in chief, teacher, politician, a poet and a writer. In Heerenveen a statue was placed made by Guus Hellgers* in 1974. To honor Fedde and remember Kneppelfreed, I made a sculpture inspired by Hellgers’ statue and Fedde Schurer.

John Bosma

Fedde Skurer (2011)

Superused: Body board from garbagebin France + sunglasses from McDonalds Haarlem + Curver bucket from Blokker Delft + in the bucket Frisian soil.

This story in Frisian: http://studioschuim.wordpress.com/2011/12/02/fedde-skurer-2011/

*) http://fy.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fedde_Schurer


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