Felvarrom I Cycling apparel from Up/Recycled bicycle parts

Boedapest (HU)



Felvarrom is a wordwide unique high-end brand in apparel & accessories for bikers and environmental-responsible people.

We are design oriented and fashionable, producing from upcycled / recycled bicycle materials.

On our site we sell unique designed cycling apparels, t-shirts and objects made of mainly recycled material.

All Felvarrom products represent the idea and main aim of our team: making high-quality, sensibly designed, good-working, gorgeous stuff primarily for cyclists, but also for those who appreciate lifestyle bearing nature in mind.

We are resolute in keeping our whole making process sustainable and environmental-friendly. We collect wornout bicycle parts, sort them one-by-one by our own hands in our own workshop to pick out one from every ten tires/bike parts to upcycle. For cleaning, if possible, bio-degradable substances are used. Remaining materials are also dealt with eco-consciouly, deposited selectively at the proper dump.

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