first Benelux Earthship

Zwolle (NL)



In Zwolle the first dutch Earthship is being constructed. An american team of Earthship Biotecture ( cooperates with dutch volunteers to realise this great experiment before the end of this year. An Earthship is an autarcic building – completely self sufficient for water, sewage, electricity and heating and is built up from preferrably reclaimed or natural materials like cartires, earth, bottles and cans. Earthship biotecture realised about 1200 earthships worldwide but in the Benelux so far noone had dared to take this step.

The owaze foundation ( worked five years on inspiring dutch audience and finally found a housingcorporation in Zwolle that wanted to construct an earthship to celebrate their 100th anniversary, making an extremely sustainable statement.

2012Architects provided the sketchdesign, inventorised material supply for the building and made it pass through dutch building law.

A team of Earthship Biotecture and European partner Kevan Trott turned the sketches into a final design and realised the teahouse on site, teaching local and international volunteers into the techniques of Earthship-building.

Construction was calculated and advised by Stoel & Partners (now Grontmij)

Energy calculations are supplied by Trias Advies & energiemanagement.

The client for this Earthship is SWZ, Zwolle (

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