Focused Skateboard Furniture


Danilo Nedic

Rotterdam based Danilo Nedic makes new tables from old skateboard decks. He teamed up with Jeroen Dekker, founder of Hektik Skateramps who also produces the tables.

Danilo got the idea from the Japense skater and artist Haroshi who reuses old decks to create artwork. The colourfull lines come from the use of the decks which consist from seven layers of maple and coloured plastic fineer. The created line of furniture is called Deckstop.

Danilo: ‘I liked the idea that we are give worn-out skateboards a new live. Here in the Netherlands there are hunderdes old decks left behind at skate-shops. Furthermore, at skateboard factories throughout Europe there are huge quantities of non-aproved decks. In stead of laying around in a dark warehouse, ouer designs give the boards back a place in ouer lives. A nice form of upcycling.’

Danilo’s company is called Focused. Prices differ from € 3000 for the large one, and € 1100 for the smallest table who are available at their webshop.

– Images are from Focused themselves.
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