follydock design competition



This catalogue shows the results of the international design competition for follies that was organised in 2005 for the area of Heijplaat, Rotterdam.The assignmentArtists, designers and architects from all cultural corners of the world were asked to create a design for an adventurous and expressive structure, which could interact with the environment and offer a spatial experience for the visitor.An additional challenge was to use the material with a sense of awareness. FollyDOCK received 398 entries from all over the world, the fruits of 700 people who worked on these creations. In December 2005 an international jury selected 50 ideas and these were worked out into sketch designs and models.Fantasy is a precious item. Fantasy can level the threshold between dreams and reality. Fantasy is what helps us build castles in the sky.The aim of the FollyDOCK is to become a realisation of the sky castles: A gift to Heijplaat during its period of change and renewal.Heijplaat is a unique place that deserves special attention.

Euro 29.95

Paperback / text English and Dutch / September 2006

International Folly Contest Rotterdam, The Netherlands / Veenman

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