Gaultier: Trash Bag Dress

Parijs (FR)



In that ideal world, where there’s no garbage, one has to rethink the purpose of that roll of trashbags in the kitchen. For the autumn/winter collection of 1980/’81, Jean Paul Gaultier designed the ‘robe sac poubelle’ or trash bag dress.

The dress is as cleverly made as your a diy raincoat.

The extra’s on this robe are made from trash, a belt with kitchen-items, and look at the right, an ashtray-bag. The puppet also wears tin cans: ‘I am convinced that beautify comes in diverse forms. When you look at something like a tin can with a fresh eye, you can see a kind of beauty where others will only see a garden-variety object.’

The dress can be seen at the traveling exhibition ‘From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk’, currently in the Kunsthal, Rotterdam until May 12th, 2013.

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