Glossed Dreamspace

New York (US)



‘Space is my favorite piece of furniture’, this phrase was proclaimed in a TV-commercial by the up to a certain date Patsy. The thirty something was displayed in an almost empty interior. It was filmed in such a way that she indeed had a surplus of nothing. But space vs empty – livable vs full also has all shades of Maslov. So, what do glossy pictures than tell about daily live?

Because, what is that, daily live, in New York, for most residents of a loft. Wouldn’t it just mean sleeping and (accommodating) parties? So when it is time to go to bed, you close the former petroleum tank, which let you sleep in a cocoon kind of way and when awake, you spread the wings and butterfly.

Since the oval shaped tank was so big, Lot-ek put the remaining cut vertically in this former parking garage. In here we find two stories of sanitary, pipes and ducts are displayed on the outside. More details to enhance an industrial look is that the mezzanine level, with the sleeping pods, is accessible by a former fire escape ladder which is connected to a raisin filled metal gritting.

Petroleum tanks are forbidden in parking-garages and the latter are commonly not very habitable. But at the end of both life-cycles, they are joined as post-modern daily living.

Molton Loft

West Village, New York

Lot-ek, 2000

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