Harvest Zone

Den Haag (NL)



Understanding our environments to be interconnected and dynamic leads to a reimagining of what exactly is meant by “trash.” When an entire building becomes disregarded it can’t simply be stuffed in the waste bin. Artists and designers are presented with an imperative: figure out new ways to work with all this material.
This inventory catalogs 60 materials harvested from the 13th floor of the abandoned office building, the former ministry of Justice and internal affairs of The Netherands in The Hague. It also documents how some of them were reused in unexpected ways as furniture currently in use in a temporary beer garden on the ground floor. This furniture was created by the MA students in the INSIDE Interior Architecture and TypeMedia programs at the KABK / Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. HarvestZone is part of TodaysArt 2013 and has been realised by Nina Stoessinger, Qing Liao, Yuting Guan, Josh Oakley as part of the INSIDEflows Program.

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