Huttenfestival de Vlek 2011

Tilburg (NL)



Huttenfestival de Vlek or Shelterfestival the Vlek builds a small settelment in the heart of Tilburg, and will use local materials.

From September 3d until the 11th, 2011, artist, architects and designers will build this settlement. In a way how it was used to be done, back in the old days, when villages where born. Just like than a group of people harvest lokal materials and suit to the envelop in harmony with local building condtions.

Observartium will start the Festival building a gate/warehous from pallets, trees, railroad material, bricks, rocks and sand. From this gate/warehouse materials will be taken by Piet Hein Eek, 2012architecten, La Bolleur and Onix to build a theater, factory and a bar.

Furthermore people who felt invited, where welcome to join and build their own huts and shelters. You ‘ll see them in action too.

Tilburg has the premiere of the Festival. Next year it will move to Bergeijk to become a full grown festival and Strijp-S in Eindhoven could very well follow after that. Until 2018 it will be an annual event, than, in 2018, the provence of Brabant hopes to have gained the title Cultural Capital.

More (dutch only):

Initiator: Studio Boot and Hilberink Bosch architecten,

Project: Huttenfestival de Vlek – 2011

Designers: Observartium, Piet Hein Eek, 2012architecten, La Bolleur, Onix, Frank Havermans, Studio Boot, Hilberink bosch architecten, .

Superused: pallets, trees, railroad material, bricks, rocks, sand, the lot itself and more

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