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From the beginning of December, hostel guests will, for the first time ever, be able to spend the night in a real, Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet! This is the perfect way to start your trip abroad. The plane is a used out jumbo jet model 747-200 made in 1976 and decommissioned in 2002. It’s going to be suited with a brand new, modern interior decoration, offering night guests an experience apart.

The Jumbo Hostel is an idea of Oscar Diös who has previously run a hostel in Uppsala. Now he wants to give the 17-18 million visitors who pass by the airport every year a unique accommodation option. The interior renovation of the jumbo jet started in last August and will be finshed in December. Quite a few changes will be made to distinguish this plane from the ones still flying. For example, guests will be able to stroll on the wing and they will not have to use cramped toilets with push doors.

The hostel offers 25 rooms with three beds in each. In total, the 747 offers 85 beds; some of the more luxurious are to be found at the plane´s upper deck. The rooms are circa six square meters wide and measure three meters from floor to ceiling. All rooms have a flat screen TV on which one can, among other things, watch the times of departure for all flights. Everywhere in the jumbo jet there is access to wireless broadband. All rooms offer a shower and toilet in the corridor, except for a few luxurious rooms upstairs which boast their own shower and WC.

The plane offers even a kind of honeymoon-suite, it’s situated on the best view point in the plane: the cockpit. The former pilots office has been converted into a de luxe suite with parts of the original interior saved as curiosity. From this suite’s panoramic windows you have a magnificent view of the air traffic at Arlanda, and if one needs to catch a flight from Arlanda in the morning, there’s no need for a taxi, the Jumbo Hostel is just a 10 minute walk from the airport’s main terminal.

Oscar Diös

Jumbo Hostel (still under construction, delivery December 2008)

Boeing 747-200 Jumbo Jet (1976)

Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (Arlanda), Sweden


More images: http://www.jumbohostel.com/DynPage.aspx?id=64673&mn1=5293&mn2=5302

Thanx to Todd: http://telstarlogistics.typepad.com

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