Kist-Kast from Zwerfhout

Schiedam (NL)


Wijbrand Boon

Zwerfhout have developed a bookshelf that you can take with all of your life, even you when you die. Because it is also a coffin. Maybe Zwerfhout got the inspiration out of an old dutch saying: ‘lijken in de kast’. Literal translation: to find dead bodies in cupboards. Meaning: to find unexpected nasty things.

The Schiedam based company creates furniture from old wood (not from coffins). The owners, Wijbrand Boon en Riny van Lettow, founded it in early 2010. They work with pallets and other old wood, and developed the kist-kast (coffin-cupboard) as one of their first projects.

Death is something you might not want to think about when you buy a new bookshelf, but maybe you should thing again. It’s perfect, most cupboards are about the same in size. And it can host your favorite books from the moment you got them into the grave.

Besides this bookshelf they have a project that recreates the Rietveld Crate Chairs, also featured here on Superuse*. But they are doing it the right way, making it from old wood, like pallets. The Rietveld chairs are made together with students from a local technical school.

Designers: Zwerfhout (since 2010, owners: Wijbrand Boon en Riny van Lettow)

Design: Kist-kast

Superused: Old wood, like pallets



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