Kitchen Companion, your personal assistant in the kitchen

Antwerpen (BE)


Corstanje & Van Rijn

The Kitchen Companion, from the ‘Flying Home’ series, provides solutions for your kitchen. This piece of furniture offers an extra countertop, extra storage space and is easy to move and lock anywhere throughout your home. The Kitchen Companion has a modular set-up and can be customized to the needs of the user/household.

In this particular model the use of a greenhouse adds value for the production of vegetables and herbs. A vertical garden which is ideal for urban apartments with a lack of green space. Designed for flexibility, the ease of use helps in moving this companion in the sun or to your kitchen, so you can literally reap the benefits. To accelerate the cultivation process, a complementary compost bin is optional.

This companion offers a double cycle in the process of Urban mining as it re-uses waste as a resource for new products. In a technical sense this entails the re-use of the frame of the ‘Flying Home’ series and in a biological sense, the Kitchen Companion in particular re-uses kitchen waste. With our product we create awareness on the idea that there is value in waste for new usages or users. In all waste lies opportunity, we want to inspire people in making better decisions when throwing away these valuable resources.

Elisabeth Corstanje
Inez van Rijn

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