Kliko-poer / Kliko-footing



Even waste-bins become waste. Just by use: to get everything out, the bins are close to being tortured. Than there’s always the possibility of vandalism. Anyhow, citizens can swop their broken Kliko at their local bin-supplier.

The municipality of Dantumadeel (Fryslân) broken plastic Kliko’s are beeing piled. From time-to time, this pile is taken away and, eventually, grinded into granulate. Building his shed the local municipality carpenter, Mr. Rozema from Broeksterwoude, saw in the bin volume a perfect pre-fab wasted sheet piling for a footing. It saved him a lot of time: He dug a hole, shoved in a broken Kliko and poured it with concrete. The results were as such that he even made a Kliko-footing for his son’s shed in Damwoude.

A disadvantage of this big Kliko is that its a relatively large volume and that might, construction-wise, not always be needed.

R. Rozema

Kliko-poer / Kliko Footing (2004)

Superused: Wheelie bin manufactured by Kliko

Damwoude, Fryslân

Source: This idea saw the Internet for the first time in September 2004. It was than published on Recyclicity.net.

Picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/15262666@N05/2179684079/in/set-72157603626507490/

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