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Drap-Art is a non-profit organization founded in Barcelona in 1995, with the aim of promoting creative recycling through the organization of festivals, exhibitions and workshops.

Drap-Art initiated its activities in 1996 with the Creative Recycling Marathon of Barcelona, a 24 hour non-stop event of live creation, which in its second edition attracted about 20.000 visitors. In the same year Drap-Art also organized the Recykl Art Fest at the Biennale of Montenegro, an interchange between Yugoslavian artists and artists from Barcelona. This experience inspired the itinerant exhibition Evil Empire and two interchange workshops Tell me what you throw away and I’ll tell you who you are, in Jerusalem in 1998 with Israeli and Barcelona based artists and in Barcelona in 1999, with the participation French, Greek, Brazilian and Barcelona based artists. Drap-Art also collaborated in establishing similar marathons in Andorra, in 1997 and Athens in 1998 and in Berlin in 2002. At the moment Drap-Art Festivals are being prepared in the ancient capital of Bulgaria, Tel Aviv, El Cairo and Medellin (Colombia).

Since 2002 Drap-Art runs its own gallery: La Carboneria and in 2004 Drap-Art conceived the idea of a new annual event to be held in Barcelona: The International Festival of Creative Recycling. The first edition was organised the same year and in 2005 it concentrated its activities in the CCCB (Centre for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona), hosting around 90 artists and receiving around 8.000 visitors.

In 2007 the event grew, involving new spaces and collaborators, as well as the CCCB. The exhibition was located in the FAD (Foundation of Art and Design) and the interventions in public space at the plaza dels Àngels and the plaza Joan Coromines. More than 150 artists, performers, designers and handcrafters participated in the event, which was visited by about 15.000 people.

Drap-Art’08 plans to maintain last year’s exhibition spaces and to incorporate an additional exhibition space, making it possible to host projects by outstanding national and international artists (CCCB, Sala -1) proposed by international institutes and specialized galleries, as well as those selected in the open call for artists.

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