Lamborghini Countach Pin-Up



The poster car of the 80ies was the Lamborghini Countach. It was designed by Marcello Gandini of the Bertone design studio. The young designer was not very experienced in some aspects of automobile design, such as practicality and ergonomics. Except perhaps for one of the trademarks of the car. The doors have horizontal hinges, so they lift up and tilt forwards. This is done because the car is very wide, a normal door wouldn’t be practical in confined spaces.

The outrageous supercar is also legendary for breaking down. Richard Moriarty, millionaire, ex legendary costume party host and now vineyard farmer, got tired of the car failing on him. Instead of bringing the Italian masterpiece to the scrap yard, he pinned his poster car onto the wall: ‘I have a Lamborghini and a I’ve got a big wall.’

The weight of the car got lowered by removing the V12 engine. Moriarty turned it into a ‘200 mph coffee table’ for guest who prefer their drinks ‘shaken and stirred.’ He than hired a 70 ton crane to slide his Countach through the sunlight of his house. Here it found it’s final resting place above an all glass staircase leading to Moriarty’s wine cellar. To keep things domestic, the Lamborghini’s electrical systems are connected to switches on the wall, so now the pin-up supercar functions as a lamp.

Richard Moriarty (1948)

Wall lamp (2006)

Superused: Lamborghini Countach (1974-1990), type LP 400 S (1978-1982)

Newport Beach, California, USA


Picture made by Rick Loomis, LA Times

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