Leather Belt Floor

Londen (GB)



During the early part of her career, RCA-educated designer Inghua Ting worked in Japan “developing innovative, futuristic fabrics” before an interest in sustainability drew her towards old materials rather than new. One of the results of this shift is the now London-based designer’s leather flooring created from discarded men’s belts, reworked into 12- and 18-inch square tiles.

[The belts] create a beautiful, glossy and hardwearing surface…suitable for table and bar tops, walls and feature areas, as well as floors.

Each belt is hand selected to ensure a high grade of leather and then the belts are stripped of their metals, hand cleaned with chemical free substances and prepared for use. The vintage belts for each tile are carefully designed in-house as the colour and patterning on the belts is sensitive to each tile. This means no two tiles will ever be the same.

While the leather probably isn’t cheap, it is long-lived. Ting’s website states that should you decide to discard the tiles in future, “We can even recycle your used tiles into a new product for you.”

for the website visit http://www.tinglondon.com/

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