Les glaneurs et la glaneuse



Summary (the gleaners and I)

As she travels the length and breadth of her native France, the director Agnès Varda makes a personal study of those who collect things which other people have discarded or abandoned, “les glaneurs”. This includes those who, through economic necessity or for pleasure, gather vegetables and fruit left behind after the main harvest, where the term “glaneur” originated. It also includes those who gather bric-a-brac and those who scour rubbish bins and the waste left after a market for morsels of food. All of these people are united in a single shared purpose: to gather and live off a valuable resource which our modern consumer society shuns.

more on the film http://filmsdefrance.com/FDF_Les_Glaneurs_et_les_glaneuse_rev.html

the film (french spoken spanish subtitles can be watched at youtube

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