Life on Petra Beach

Patmos (GR)



Living on a small piece of land, like the island of Patmos, enhance the senses, from the relationship with nature to the one with the other inhabitants
All is precious and is in need of attention: rainy water is saved also tanking to a new dam, electricity which is partially provided by 2 new wind turbines and for the rest by a diesel engine of a power plant, iron and wood collected on the side of properties for an eventual future use. But still more has to be done for the waste treatment
Every time I see a light switch on or a tap I switch my brain
On average every season 30.000 tourists pass by the island and they all need appx 3 liters of water a day for a total of over 5.400.000 liters of water in plastic bottles
From the attempt to use local materials in need of a new life we realize lighting objets which refer to the forms of bacterias, pollens, plancton and other creature invisible to the eye
For this project we used over 1.500 plastic bottles otherwise destined to be bared on the island which is still waiting for a waste treatment plan

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