Light Bulb Vase



Following initiatives from California and Australia*, in the European Union from 2012 light bulbs are also forbidden** to be sold. The change to eco-lights saves Europe about 40 TWh (Tera watt hour) per year: the electricity use of 10 million European families!

For you as a reader you don’t have to wait until the EU says it’s illegal to buy a bulb you can go eco friendly and economical tomorrow. The energy consuming bulbs can than be changed in to a vase. Perfect in times of the current crises, for this time of year, and any other time.

Kristjan Indus from Estonia made this vase (and ‘picked the flower and took the picture’). Here is a visual manual, for your very own:

Go save the planet, your wallet and enjoy Spring! Päikest!

Kristjan Indus

Light bulb vase

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*) Prohibited by other countries:

**) Prohibited by EU:

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