Maison Gomme



The Mille Gomme team (Jan Korbes, Denis Oudendijk) was asked to conceive additional space for a family which faced a 2nd child to be born. The team proposed to carefully break down the existing chalet-style garden house, re-using its materials and rebuild a bigger, more functional and efficient structure. All along the process the client and his family were intensively involved in the on site design and building process, adding function and personal wishes.

The result was a functional four-season garden house with office and storage spaces. The office space is accessed by a side-door with children’s-height window and the storage opens its shutter like a spaceship on the front facade. The prototype was tested during the first winter wind, rain and snow, the results encouraged the team to build more of such independent units.

The Garden House measures 8 x 2,5 meters. The main construction is based on wooden frames covered with thin multiplex plates. For a water- and winter proof facade we added stone-wool isolation, a breathable plastic membrane and a layer of old car tire treads. Windows are 2nd hand isolation glass (we saved it from a bankrupt glass store). Ventilation is ensured by 4 openings in roof and walls, the interior paneling consists of different kinds of re-used wood. Jb

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