Marble table



Manon’s table and seats are entirely made out of booty. The eight plates of white Carrara marble were part of the marble cladding for the building Library of Human Science

of the main Brussels University (Université Libre de Bruxelles).

The building was erected in 1994; the architectural firm, Art and Build, originally intended to clad the 8-stories high prismatic volume entirely with brick-masonry. The local heritage authority imposed the use of a more precious material, that would furthermore avoid the new library to compete with the brick and sandstone historic architecture of the original university buildings that surround the site. Both parties eventually agreed upon white Carrara marble, to be sawn in squares of about 75x75cm.

The technology used to fix the blades was inadequate however, and after slightly more than a decade, the façade showed signs of deterioration that were estimated serious enough to proceed to a full replacement of the marble cladding. Dismantlement took place in the fall of 2007; hundreds of tons of Carrara marble turned into waste. We were able to snatch some plates, eight of which are displayed here. The library building is now clad with brand new square sheets of enameled steel.

The support structure for the table is a former workbench in welded steel beams recuperated from a failed company that produced aluminum windows. We have adjusted the height by cutting the feet.

The seats are made of disposed packaging. The 3cm thick plywood plate from which the seats were sawn was used as a support for the transportation of slenderer polymer-coated wooden boards used for the interior cladding of vans.

Designed and realized by Maarten Gielen and Lionel Devlieger for Rotor, commissioned by Manon de Boer for her exposition “Die Zeit, die bleibt” in Frankfurter Kunstverein

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