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From our correspondent* in London

East London artist Sumer Erek turns old news into a house: ‘making public use of a public space using public waste.’ A large quantity of the newspapers is donated by Metronet Rail, the firm which maintains the bulk of the London Underground. Leaving papers in public transport is a serious problem. A TNS OnLineBus Survey for Creative City revealed that one in four people leave their newspapers behind. Suzie Bement of Metronet Rail said: ‘We know everyone loves their Metro but please take them home and recycle them.’ The company already donated two tonnes of newspaper to the project in Dalston, East London. Erek, a 48 year old Cypriot has used 80,000 papers: ‘People don’t think you can build a house from newspapers because paper is to flimsy, but when it is rolled up it is quite strong.’

Sumer Erek (1959)

Newspaper House (2008)

80.000 old newspapers

Dalston, East London, England


More Newspaper House:

*C’s Metro, March 5, 2008, page 5.

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