Newspaper Yarn


Greetje van Tiem

Greetje van Tiem, a graduate from the academy’s Man and Leisure department, presents her project ‘Druk -in, – af’ that turns old newspapers into yarn. Like a modern version of Rumpelstilskin, she turns old news into gold: (thread) which comes from a memory. With the opening page of the Newspaper you can spin 20 meters of yarn; the news of today turned into textile (! : SB/Jb). The reels with yarn reflect specific moments from the past, can be turned into different kind of upholstery. The weekend newspaper from a romantic weekend, can end up as a living room curtain; the last week of the world championship soccer (with Dutch participation: SB/Jb) transforms into a carpet with a touch of orange. And when you look closely, here and there a word, or a piece of date. The paper is gone but the memory remains.’

Newspaper Yarn (2007)


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