Oerol Binne Bisten



‘I like plastic. It’s silly, has no status and is made for one purpose only.’ Frisian artist Machiel Braaksma has created a series of stunning looking animals from everyday items: Oerol Binne Bisten (Animals Are Everywhere). ‘Objects that surrounds us, simple stuff which are, for a moment, important to us and when we have used them, they disappear in a drawer, a cupboard or the bin.’

Being Green is not his main motivation: ‘it’s the surprise of the image that can be created. I want to make something which wasn’t there and which may look like, it was there all the time. To work with deranged stuff is the best, material which is ready for the bin. It has lost it’s cleanness and in its place came wear and tear, decoloration or a faded surface.’

Machiel plays with the associative parts of daily objects, places them out of context: ‘They are not what they where and it looks like they have always hidden for us what they really are.’ One recognizes the object and one can see the bird; a plastic fork is brought to life as a leg. Machiel says in order to achieve that status: ‘hundred of little decision’s have to be made. One must have a lot of junk to be able to choose from.’

Machiels amazing animals are on permanent display at the Fries Museum, Leeuwarden (http://www.friesmuseum.nl/index.php?id=2595 ) and soon at the Usva, Groningen, from April 21 until May 15 (http://www.usva.nl ).

Machiel Braaksma (1959)

Oerol Binne Bisten (Animals Are Everywhere) (since 2003)

Superused everyday items: plastic forks, spoons, straws, beach trash, etc, check: http://www.machielbraaksma.nl/index.php?option=com_rsgallery2&page=inline&gid=4&limit=1

Book: Oerol Binne Bisten, Uitgeverij/Publisher: Bornmeer, ISBN 978 90 5615 1379



(c)2009 John Bosma

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