Play That Funky Trash!



Rotterdam based folksinger Goslink turns trash into music. It all started out with that he found it hard to carry around all the standard equipment. So he turned a threshold into a musical instrument. Which turned out to be so easy, he created more, making banjo’s, guitars and even a drum-kit.

To create this, Goslink has used other musical instruments, but also trash he finds on the street, like pencils, cookie-jar, salad-bowl, orange boxes, mouse-traps. And this is how it all sounds: And here is a small documentary about his work and instruments.

Check out his blog to see all his instruments:

Artist: Harm Goslink Kuiper (1973)

Project: Stilleven (cd, with music played on various trash instruments)

Superused: u.o.: musical instruments, cookie-jar, pencils, salad-bowl, orange boxes, mouse-traps.

The story above is based on this interview:

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