Pneu sandal woman – inner tube fabric with strap

Bologna (IT)


Fabio Ortolani Petrillo

The Pneu sandal by Artefizio for women is a soft and cozy sandal with stretch inner tube and fabric uppers that will fit most feet. The secure heel strap makes it more secure and comforable or travel or long walks.
Contoured cork footbed has great arch support for all day comfort.
Soft, moisture absorbent suede liner.
Deep heel cup keeps your heel supported for good body alignment.
The sole is made with bicycle tyres, molded and sewn in the middle. Pneu sandal, with the outsole made with tyres, in addition to having excellent adherence and comfort is a sandal that ensures good durability.

From 36 to 41 eu

Materials utilised:
anatomic sole made of bicycle tires cork and natural fibers, leather insole. Elastic straps inner tube and fabric.

Delivery time:
4 weeks

Production method:
This object is handcrafted inside the Artefizio lab and this makes it a single Made in Italy piece. The handcrafted/traditional technique is revolutionized by the introduction of re-thought materials which gain new life. Bicycle tyre, inner tubes, leather wastes, jeans, tissues coming from old sample cases, safety belts, necktie and cork.
All our products are unique pieces, a characteristic that makes them not subordinate to the trends of the moment, thanks to their non-repeatability. Our slippers and sandals are suitable for a daily use and they connect ourselves with the environment as well as being even elegant and comfortable.

The sole could be different than the one in the picture, because the product is realized from recycled materials that are not always the same.

About us
Where the project comes from – Artefizio arises from a reflection on the model of consumerism . The latter has being offering new consumer goods and it leads to both a progressive de- valuation of the purchased products and the consequent exploitation of natural resources and energy . Artefizio is aware of the urgence of promoting a reorientation. Every resource is limited and for this reason it got an infinite value . Nowadays, the production of high quality and durability material is possible in virtue of the scientific and technical progress. Such materials can hardly be defined as waste. In spite of market dynamics, waste objects are still usable thanks to the value of their unlimited properties. This kind of awareness pushes Artefizio to promote the practice of creative recovery . Artefizio springs from the insight of Fabio Ortolani Petrillo , an artist that has always been sensitive to both environmental issues and arts related to recycling and reusing poor materials.

The Phylosophy of Artefizio – Artefizio respects the environmental sustainability and believes that “recycling” shouldn’t be the only model to follow. In fact, it requires industrial processes of transforming materials that entail energy and dispersion of CO2. Consequently, we support and honor the “creative recovery” of waste materials. This practice demands the following skills: subjective imagination, the ability to see in old objects new way of using them and the ability to put together different old pieces in order to create new usable daily objects. Artefizio pursues a practical and an aesthetic purpose because it combines the beauty of the created objects with their usefulness.

Aims and objectives – Artefizio takes advantage of waste materials and their properties in order to produce new objects. The goals are both, to change the subjective relationship with things and to incite the artistic creativity of individuals. More and more, one considers the disposal of her waste as a mere discomfort. However, the castaway objects are made with high quality materials that keep their distinctive features. Thus, any object could be re-used and restored to value. Artefizio wants to communicate the beauty and the manifold possibilities of “pieces of junk” to an increasing number of people. Moreover, Artefizio encourages the promotion of hand-crafted and artistic tradition that has made Italy a center of excellence and that is an invaluable heritage for our nation. To support and publicize its goals, Artefizio aims at creating a network between artists, craftspeople and lovers of creative recovery.

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